Compensation & Benefit Process Outsourcing

There are many complexities and risks related to employee benefits that pose a great threat to business performance. The situation demands that companies find improved and more efficient methods to handle their employee benefits investment.  Outsourcing C&B solutions with a focus on providing high-quality administration, transparent software and an exceptional cost benefit solutions have been a great respite to many business houses.

Payroll has traditionally been a purely back office function, yet nothing damages the hygiene factor of an organisation more than slippage in a pay-slip or the salary credit statements. Coupled with this, the onus of statutory compliances with government authorities demands the impeccability in the payroll function. Assigning a proportionate cost to maintain the above, for what is typically considered once a month activity is seemingly becoming a high-maintenance vis-a vis the cost factor.

Eshri’s proven approach—backed by a robust technology platform ensures seamless understanding of your company’s need and helps in migrating the organisational policies and practices.